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Inn Transit - We formed 2 years ago by accident (though most of us had and do play with other bands)! We were all part of a loose music collective that met weekly for fun then lost its rehearsal space for a couple of weeks due to a serious Darts competition. A few of the collective met up (as an emergency measure), in a the warehouse of our Drummer, Simon, and that was it!!

Over the past couple of years we have added new members and have wildly different tastes in music with backgrounds in Jazz, Swing and Rock but that hasn't stopped us enjoying each other's playing and banter! The core band comprises Simon Tootell (Drummer), Lee Wrigley (Lead Guitar), Ian Dennon (Bass and Vocals), Simon Richardson (Keyboards), Glyn Owen (Saxophone and Clarinet)and our newest Member Lucy Parker(Vocals). We have always been very lucky to be able to invite friends and guest musicians to join us at gigs and rehearsals and like to include these members in our line up and pictures.Our main Guest musician is Nic Taylor who adds an extra dimension to the band with her versatile singing and Bass playing. 

Our music includes various genres such as David Bowie, Pulp, Roxy Music, Queen, Stereophonics, The Killers and many more. We believe music should be fun, exciting raw and recognisable !

We specialise in private events, weddings, pubs and parties. Please see our events page on Facebook and our website for further information on booking us for any gigs.

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About The Band

Upcoming Gigs 

The Bay Horse Burythorpe

Bookings: Ian Dennon

07923 211580​


Website: Ben Dawson

01904 373 402

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