Lead Vocals - Lucy Parker

Lucy has been singing most of her life, but recently had a break. Thankfully we recently found  Lucy looking for a band so we snapped her up as quick as we could in October 2019, and boy are we pleased that we did!

"Wow, what a voice" Lucy is bringing new ideas and songs to the band and puts her own spin on vocals which we welcome.

Saxophone/ Clarinet – Glyn Owen


Glyn started playing the sax 7 years ago with no background in reading music or playing an instrument. Glyn frequently plays in up to 6 bands,  including saxophone choirs “Casual Sax”  and “Sax Maniacs” and  Big Swing bands “Gen Groove”,  but her heart is in Rock. Glyn or Bird as she is affectionately known is a founder member of Inn Transit.

Drums – Simon Tootell

Simon has been around music since his teenage years, running mobile discos in pubs and clubs. He decided a few years ago to take up the drums and we are glad that he did. Toots is in many ways the lynch pin of the band and a founder member of Inn Transit.

Keyboards – Simon Richardson


Simon is a relatively recent convert to rock having played drums and trumpet in Jazz bands for more years than he is prepared to disclose! In his jazz career he toured the Gulf States, Europe and spent 3 months playing with jazz bands in New Orleans. Three years ago he joined a loose music collective in Pocklington – bought himself a keyboard and went on to became a founder member of Inn Transit.

Lead Guitarist - Lee Wrigley


Lee recently re-discovered his guitar after a long absence from the music scene. He first started playing at the age of 15 and after continuing to learn during the 90s he was heavily influenced by the bands of that era. Lee is self taught and has never had a guitar lesson. Craving a band situation and wanting to improve further so Lee began looking for other musicians and after his short search he found his new home with Inn Transit......

Bass Guitar / Vocals – Ian Dennon 


Ian turned up one night at band rehearsal with his new Bass and said he'd like to give it a try – he never left. In reality Ian decided to take up the Bass a couple of years ago having never even held a Guitar and began to teach himself. Heavily Influenced by many years of listening to Bass Riffs and trying to replicate them so eventually thought he would give it a go. Loves all kinds of music especially those with a heavy Bass Riff and amazes the band with his “will/can do” approach and terrible jokes.

Guest Bass guitar / Vocals - Nic Taylor

Nic has been our backbone guest for some years now and enjoys layering extra vocals to help a song sound more exciting. She is a long standing bass player and backing singer for another function band, but loves the guys at Inn-Transit so is always happy to join our gigs whenever she can. Nic has helped Inn-Transit immensely over the years and we are always happy to bring her into the mix whenever we can.